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Dark Nebula: Contact

Novella, Science Fiction

When aliens arrive in Sol, how does humanity react in the first few hours?

After several years of unstable peace throughout our solar system, mankind is confronted with the arrival of an unknown alien force. Everyone deals with the unexpected arrivals differently.

Military forces guarding the front lines of a century old conflict struggle to comprehend the alien arrival. Unhealed wounds from past battles stress our Inner and Outer Ring soldiers as a rogue among them takes matters into her own hands.

Hours into the alien arrival, our president endeavors to contain a centuries old subterfuge she hoped was someone else’s problem.

A washed up vid-sim sports star turned messiah predicted the arrival with uncanny accuracy. How does a world react when his prophesies come true?

Author & Engineer

Sean Willson

Welcome! You’ve landed on my homepage. I’m an author by nite who’s also a  computer programmer by trade and a married father of three.

For those looking to hear about my writing, my journey to self-publish my novels, events in my family, or interesting short stories that I’m sharing, then check out my blog. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome but please keep it constructive.

If you’re looking for my professional background you can check out my resume. It’s full of TLA’s and plenty of technical details about my drive to master the craft of software and engineering leadership.

My Books

Dark Nebula: Contact

Coming soon…

When aliens arrive in Sol, how does humanity react in the first few hours?

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Dark Nebula: Isolation

Dec 2020

An alien force puts humanity on trial. A deadly alien supervirus threatens our first extrasolar colony. A family secret nearly three centuries old lies at the center.

Dark Nebula: Book 2

Feb 2021

Coming soon…

Dark Nebula: Book 3

Apr 2021

Coming soon…

Sharpening My Author Website

I spent the last few days updating my website in preparation for my novella release and my upcoming series release. As you can likely tell from the site, the series title is Dark Nebula. I’ll have more updates in the future on what that means, but for now I wanted to update people that…

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