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Submerge into a high-stakes odyssey where survival means facing mythological creatures, undersea gods, and our tenuous grip on reality.

Check out my upcoming Kickstarter for book two in the Portalverse Elemental Origins series.

New Box Set

Dive into the Dark Nebula box set, where humanity’s fight for survival unfolds across the stars.

Three novels weave a tale of secrets, sacrifices, and the quest for a place among the cosmos.

Join the journey where every decision could be the key to our future.

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Author & Engineer

Sean Willson

Welcome! You’ve landed on my homepage. I’m an author by night, a technology leader by trade, and a happily married father of three.

For those looking to hear about my writing, my journey to self-publish my books, events in my family, or interesting short stories that I’m sharing, then check out my blog. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome but please keep it constructive.

If you’re looking for my professional background you can check out my resume. It’s full of TLA’s and plenty of technical details about my drive to master the craft of software and engineering leadership.

Dark Nebula: Contact Cover

Free Novella

Dark Nebula: Contact

Novella, Science Fiction

Portalverse Series

My Leap into Thrillers! Use a Pen Name or Not?

My Leap into Thrillers! Use a Pen Name or Not?

I hope you’re having a wonderful spring thus far. I don’t know about you, but it’s leaping between freezing and beautiful here in North Carolina. There’s been several cold snaps hitting the US at over the past few weeks, and we’re no different over here. High’s of...

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Free Chapter From My Upcoming New Thriller

Free Chapter From My Upcoming New Thriller

Hello, my fantastical sci-fi friends! Welcome to another installment of my blog. I’m trying to blog a bit more than I used to. I hope you’re enjoying it. If you’re like me and my wife, and you have kids in school, you’re probably counting down the days until your next...

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New Release & A Freebie

New Release & A Freebie

Welcome to another exhilarating blog post filled with author announcements! I’ve got a lot in store, so buckle up. We’ll start with something super exciting, another new FREE novella. It’s called Martian Tide, and it’s a novella that sits between book one and book two...

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