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Book 4

Dark Nebula: Beacon

Even in space, she’s always been on the outside. Now she and her family face the cataclysmic consequences.

Lync Michaels never thought her lies would have their own staggering twist. After fabricating her entire background so she could rise through the ranks, the battle strategist is devastated to discover she’s only half-human. But being the sole leader to have beaten their long-standing enemy in battle, she refuses to let politics and confusion stop her from charging back into combat.

With a plan underway to steal one of the Galactic Alliance’s crucial Beacons, Lync wrestles with the family’s fractured agendas outside the battlefield. But after she finally leads her Ulixi people in a revolt against the military, she demands that any daring plot to save humanity will be done as equals.

Can Lync unite a divided army before they’re sent to their doom?

Dark Nebula: Beacon is the tense fourth book in the Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like stunning surprises, electrifying thrills, and high-stakes conflict, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s light in the expanse.

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