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Book 4

Dark Nebula: Beacon

bea•con : 1) a fire or light set in a prominent location as a warning, signal, or celebration. 2) a source of inspiration. 3) a means to seal a Dark Nebula: e.g. a Beacon of Therion.

Humanity has one chance to take control of a Beacon. They’re ridiculously outgunned and outnumbered, but the alternative is extinction.

The Olivaw brothers have returned from the Lupus Dark Nebula with details of the origin of our species. Their research has not only given them evidence to support our case in Sol, it provided intel into how the aliens seal the Dark Nebula.

With the Galactic Alliance actively pulling the nebula curtain closed in Epsilon Eridani, the Olivaws and the colonists in Zeta Lupi seize a unique opportunity to steal a Beacon of Therion. They can’t do it without help from all of the colonies, even those inside the nebula on Liprosus.

Though the challenges are numerous, the Beacon’s are a pillar of Galactic Alliance society and have enabled their aggressive expansion throughout the galaxy for millennia. Without them, their alliance could crumble. To humanity, they’re a Beacon of hope to preempt our species very extinction.

Dark Nebula: Beacon is the fourth book in a sci-fi series that propels the possibilities of technology and science into the future. It features intriguing aliens, strong protagonists, and plot twists you never saw coming. If you like fast-paced multi-POV stories that question our technological assumptions and our very place in the universe, then you’ll love Dark Nebula.

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