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Books 1-3

Dark Nebula Box Set

Embark on a galactic voyage with the Dark Nebula box set, facing a universe of good intentions gone wrong. Will anyone survive when the past demands its due?

In a not-so-distant future where humanity stands accused and on the brink of interstellar conflict, one family finds their destinies intertwined in a battle that spans generations and stars. From the echelons of power within the Inner and Outer rings of Sol, to the far reaches of space, their choices will determine the fate of human civilization in the face of an intergalactic threat.

Book 1, Dark Nebula: Isolation, introduces us to the Olivaws, grappling with their role as humanity’s defender against an alien tribunal, and Joyce Green — a colony leader and bereaved mother — driven by the death of her son to uncover the origin of a deadly virus. Their revelations threaten to unravel the very fabric of humanity’s past.

Book 2, Dark Nebula: Discovery, follows the Olivaw brothers as they confront familial estrangement and ancient grievances against a backdrop of interstellar peril, where humanity’s legacy and future are questioned at every turn.

Book 3, Dark Nebula: Generations, delves into the Olivaw family origin, and their ancestors ambitious quest to cement humanity’s place in the cosmos. It’s a journey fraught with internal strife and cosmic confrontation that could herald humanity’s ascendancy, or precipitate its fall.

The Dark Nebula series masterfully blends deep emotional resonance with high-stakes adventure, creating a universe rich with detailed characters, existential threats, and a narrative that explores the moral complexities of technological advancement and survival.

Perfect for fans of sweeping space operas, Sean Willson’s first three books are a testament to the enduring power of human resilience, the quest for truth, and their fight for a place among the stars.

Unveil the mysteries, face the trials, and discover the fate of humanity in this captivating box set.

Dark Nebula Box Set Books 1-3
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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Exceptionally well thought out plot with believable characters, in short a cannot put down!
Mark S (Book 1)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — …This book is a fabulous read, you think you can guess what may be coming next, but I was always surprised – I never guessed right. This is a great read for anyone who likes Science Fiction, no matter the sub genre you prefer, this series has it all so far, even some romance…
Susan M (Book 2)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — I loved Dark Nebula: Generations! The family background filled in all the unanswered questions about how the Olivaws got where they are now. Fascinating! Now, on to the future!
Slugpuppy3 (Book 3)

The First 3 Books

Dark Nebula Books 1-3
An ancient battle reignites, threatening humanity’s existence across Sol and our fledgling colonies among the stars. The Olivaw family, caught by fate, is humanity’s last line of defense against the encroaching Galactic Alliance, a threat borne from a Pandora’s box their ancestors dared to open.

Now, the Olivaws are challenged to rally both friends and foes to heal the rifts of their past and forge a united front. But is their revelation too late to stop the millennia of momentum toward extinction?

Follow the riveting Dark Nebula series, where the fate of humanity rests with the complex, resilient Olivaw family and their battle against a cosmic conspiracy. The adventure begins with Dark Nebula: Isolation—a tale of intrigue, survival, and the relentless quest to uncover the truth about our past.

The Characters

Abigail Olivaw : President of the Confederation of Planetary Explorers (CoPE), is a woman burdened by the secret legacies of her lineage. She navigates her role with a protective fervor, harboring undisclosed truths that could alter the course of humanity. Guided by Harold, her trusted AI companion, she maneuvers the complexities of her position, always pondering the right moment for revelation, while fiercely safeguarding her brothers from the shadows of their family’s past.

Bradley Olivaw : Is an astute generalist who’s unwittingly ensnared in a web of familial secrecy. His perceptive nature leads him to sense discrepancies in what he’s been told, nudging him toward a truth that has long eluded him his entire life. As he edges closer to uncovering the secrets of his lineage, his journey promises revelations that could redefine everything.

Zachary Olivaw : The intellectual pillar of the Olivaw family, his mind is a crucible of groundbreaking technological advances. He’s privy to the same burdensome secrets as his sister, Abigail, a truth he holds close. With his AI companion, Shauna, he pioneers the development of a revolutionary propulsion system that could change the fate of humanity.

Joyce Green : Hailing from the Outer Ring, she serves as the Director of Colonization and embodies resilience and unwavering resolve. Behind her dedicated pursuit of truth lies a deeply personal catalyst that propels her forward. As she peels back the layers of a galactic conspiracy, her mission becomes clear, potentially redefining the destiny of humanity.

Steve Ericsson : The ambitious Director of Security, is a man whose motivations are as steely as his resolve. Fueled by a potent mix of ambition and the sting of being overlooked for mayor, he harbors aspirations that stretch beyond his current station. His aggressive methods often put him at odds with his peers. Yet, as unseen forces shift the tides of power within the colony, Ericsson finds himself compelled to align with unlikely allies in a precarious dance of politics and power.

Lync Michaels : Commander of Delta Company and a tactical genius, she’s a figure of unwavering strength and sharp intellect. She has a keen eye for detail and a persistent sense that there’s more beneath the surface of colony politics. Driven by the need to prepare for every eventuality, Lync navigates the complexities of her missions with a careful balance of caution and courage, her story weaving through the tapestry of a larger, unfolding mystery.

And many more…

Embark on a journey through the stars where well-intentioned lies and a deadly alien virus collide the Dark Nebula Box Set : Books 1-3. Will the Olivaws passion for knowledge push humankind into extinction?

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