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Book 2

Dark Nebula: Discovery

He found peace far from Sol, but danger never left his orbit. Can he help free humankind from death’s clutches?

Bradley Olivaw grew tired of the lies. Breaking from his family by leaving for a colony lightyears away, he’s proud of his work contributing to the new planet and he even soothed his anger issues. But when his brother Zachary reappears and reveals his old home in Sol is under intergalactic trial, he lets his rage drive him into action.

With past resentments resurfacing between Bradley and his sibling, the pair take to the stars in search of a way to save humanity. But even after they split up to cover more ground and keep from killing each other, the crimes of their species follow them… and attract lethal alien threats.

Will the brothers rise up to prevent humankind’s extinction?

Dark Nebula: Discovery is the absorbing second book in the Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like expanse-spanning stakes, futuristic tech, and traversing the depths of emotion, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s engulfing adventure.

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The Complete Series

Dark Nebula Covers
An ancient battle reignites, threatening humanity’s existence across Sol and our fledgling colonies among the stars. The Olivaw family, caught by fate, is humanity’s last line of defense against the encroaching Galactic Alliance, a threat borne from a Pandora’s box their ancestors dared to open.

Now, the Olivaws are challenged to rally both friends and foes to heal the rifts of their past and forge a united front. But is their revelation too late to stop the millennia of momentum toward extinction?

Follow the riveting Dark Nebula series, where the fate of humanity rests with the complex, resilient Olivaw family and their battle against a cosmic conspiracy. The adventure continues with Dark Nebula: Discovery—a tale of exploration, discovery, and the relentless quest to uncover the truth about our past.

The Characters

Bradley Olivaw : Is an astute generalist who’s unwittingly ensnared in a web of familial secrecy. His perceptive nature leads him to sense discrepancies in what he’s been told, nudging him toward a truth that has long eluded him his entire life. As he edges closer to uncovering the secrets of his lineage, his journey promises revelations that could redefine everything.

Zachary Olivaw : The cerebral force behind the Olivaw family, Zachary is a guardian of their deepest secrets and an architect of future possibilities. Guided by his AI, Shauna, he forges ahead in the creation of a propulsion system that stands to revolutionize humanity’s place in the cosmos, all while grappling with the heavy truths that bind him to his legacy.

Unravel the tangled threads of deception in Dark Nebula: Discovery, where familial secrets collide with cosmic dangers. Plunge into an odyssey of betrayal, redemption, and the relentless pursuit of salvation across the star-strewn void.

The Book & Covers

Dark Nebula Discovery Paperback
  • Paperback: While the above is a mockup of the paperback, it looks exactly the same in real life.
  • Size: The paperback measures 5” x 8”.
  • Length: More than 456 pages, comprising over 125,000 words.
  • Signature: For those who prefer the traditional touch, a physical signature option is available and can be added separately as an add-on.
  • Formatting: Internal layouts have been meticulously designed for readability and aesthetic appeal.

By purchasing this book, you’re not just getting a great story; you’re acquiring a meticulously crafted reading experience, from the first page to the last.

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