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Book 1 of The Portalverse: Elemental Origins Series

Drowning Earth


Her sub can break the underwater speed of sound. But can she outpace the threat of nuclear winter?

In 2055, with global tensions nearing the breaking point, humanity teeters on the brink of annihilation. Their only hope lies with Captain Kel Williams and her loyal team, crewing what some call the deadliest submarine ever built.

Kel races to stake a claim to valuable undersea biomass—a lifeline that could prolong humanity’s demise. But deadly Russo-Chinese factions lurk in the lightless depths, determined to stop her at every turn.

Besieged by threats within and without, Kel finds herself walking a razor’s edge to maintain control. Surrounded on all sides, she relies on her crew’s dedication and her Bull Nuke Oscar Allen to maintain order and avert disaster.

Yet unbeknownst to all, salvation may lie in secrets lurking deep beneath the waves. Hidden truths once dismissed as myth. Whispers of impossible doorways and gods long forgotten.

With danger at every turn, will anyone escape the deadly snare, or do ancient myths hold the key to humanity’s survival?

Drowning Earth is the pulse-pounding first book in the Portalverse Elemental Origins science fiction techno-thriller series. If you like bold characters, dystopian conflicts, and wild surprises, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s plunge beneath the waves.

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Drowning Earth 5 Star Review
An offbeat and unyielding undersea adventure that bubbles with tension.
Kirkus Reviews

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Drowning Earth is a thrilling and thought-provoking read that captivated me from start to finish and I would highly recommend it to fans of environmental dystopian fiction everywhere.
Readers’ Favorite

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Very good blend of possible tech details with intense personality conflicts at submarine crush depths, surrounded by spies and communications blackouts. This well written and fast paced tale will keep you guessing and turning pages long into nail biting nights.
Amazon Reader

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Drowning Earth Dust Jacket and Case Laminate Covers


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The Series
Drowning Earth is the pulse-pounding first of four books in The Portalverse: Elemental Origins science fiction techno-thriller series. If you like bold characters, dystopian conflicts, and wild surprises, then you’ll love this plunge beneath the waves.

Portalverse Elemental Origins Series
With The Portalverse: Elemental Origins series, I’m asking you to step into an intricate tapestry of storylines that span from the geopolitical conflict and submarine warfare of Drowning Earth to larger-than-life mysteries that challenge the very fabric of our existence.

This is the start of an exciting new speculative fiction series set to transport readers on a multifaceted journey, combining elements of science fiction, fantasy, philosophy, and the eternal human quest for meaning.

As a reader of speculative fiction, I’ve always been interested in books that twist myth with reality and question our very existence. You can think of this series as a mix of Tom Clancy’s The Hunt for Red October meets Dan Simmons’ Ilium with a hint of Russell Nohelty’s Godsverse Chronicles.

Drowning Earth is just the beginning of a new 4-book series where reality is not always as it seems. But sometimes, it takes the threat of nuclear annihilation to illuminate the age-old myths we’ve overlooked.

The Characters
Captain Kel Williams : A model of leadership and resilience, Captain Kel Williams stands tall as the commanding officer of the most technologically advanced submarine in history. More than her formidable intellect and grit, she embodies the essence of perseverance. She carries the heavy burden of responsibility for the lives of her entire crew. In Drowning Earth, Kel is a testament to the idea that true strength isn’t about being impervious to setbacks, but in one’s capacity to rise every time they’re knocked down.

Bull Nuke Oscar Allen : With over three decades in the navy under his belt, Oscar is the epitome of discipline and dedication. Beginning his naval journey in the many roles below deck, he now stands at the helm of engineering as the Bull Nuke, ensuring the seamless functioning of the submarine’s crucial nuclear reactor. For a short period of time, he and Kel ventured to the private sector to try their hand at forming a marine startup, but they both returned to the military fold, bringing with them their groundbreaking supercavitating technology and helping create the HMS Bancroft.

The Crew of HMS Bancroft : The heart and soul of the HMS Bancroft aren’t just its main figures but the entire crew that brings the vessel to life. From communications and warfare to medical and supplies, each dolphin plays a pivotal role. And, of course, let’s not underestimate the importance of the chef – because even in the most advanced submarine, a well-fed crew is a happy and efficient one.

Journey with these remarkable characters and many more in the gripping narrative of Drowning Earth. Dive deep into a world of intrigue, resilience, and discovery.

The Books and Covers
Drowning Earth Dust Jacket and Case Laminate Covers
The hardcover edition features an exquisite case laminate interior that adds an elegant touch to your reading experience. What you see above is a mockup, but rest assured, the final product will closely resemble it.

Drowning Earth Paperback
  • Paperback & Dust Jacket: While the above are mockups, they’re very close to the final product. We’ve worked in partnership with the visionary Tom Edwards to ensure that the beauty you see on your screen is matched only by the exquisite feel in your hands.
  • Size: The paperback measures 5” x 8” and the hardcover will be 6” x 9”.
  • Length: More than 380 pages, comprising over 106,000 words.
  • Signature: Each physical book will come with a digital signature from me on the cover page. For those who prefer the traditional touch, a physical signature option is also available and can be added separately as an add-on to your pledge.
  • Formatting: Internal layouts have been meticulously designed for readability and aesthetic appeal.

By purchasing this book, you’re not just getting a great story; you’re acquiring a meticulously crafted reading experience, from the first page to the last.

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