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Book 5 — Coming August, 2022

Dark Nebula: Graveyard

Humanity has control of a Beacon but they’re alone in their battle against the Galactic Alliance. Their only hope for survival is to form an alliance of their own, but in a galaxy full of enemies their options are limited.

The Olivaws are searching the depths of the previous Dark Nebulas to find allies in their battle to survive. Can they do it before the Galactic Alliance retaliates or is their footing too tenuous? Follow Abigail Olivaw and friends on their epic quest to save humanity from extinction in this fifth book in the series.

Note: I’m actively writing this book and will update this description as more is flushed out in the coming months.

Dark Nebula: Graveyard will be the fifth book in a sci-fi series that catapults the possibilities of technology and science into the future. It features intriguing aliens, strong protagonists, and plot twists you never saw coming. If you like fast-paced multi-POV stories that question our technological assumptions and our very place in the universe, then you’ll love Dark Nebula.

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