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Drowning Earth - Book 1 in Portalverse


Drowning Earth


This book will be available on January 5th, 2024. Pre-order your copy today.

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Author & Engineer

Sean Willson

Welcome! You’ve landed on my homepage. I’m an author by night, a technology leader by trade, and a happily married father of three.

For those looking to hear about my writing, my journey to self-publish my books, events in my family, or interesting short stories that I’m sharing, then check out my blog. Your thoughts and feedback are welcome but please keep it constructive.

If you’re looking for my professional background you can check out my resume. It’s full of TLA’s and plenty of technical details about my drive to master the craft of software and engineering leadership.

Dark Nebula: Contact Cover

Free Novella

Dark Nebula: Contact

Novella, Science Fiction

Portalverse Series

Dark Nebula: Nursery Is Now Available!

Dark Nebula: Nursery Is Now Available!

Another year and another new book release in the Dark Nebula series! This time around, I have something very special. Today I released the sixth and final book in the series, Nursery. After starting my outline on December 29th 2022, I started writing the book on...

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My Author Year and Goals for the New Year

My Author Year and Goals for the New Year

If you’re new to these parts, you might not know that it’s time for an end of year reflection and goal setting blog post. Well, even if you’re not exactly new, the concept is pretty standard this time of year. Let’s start this thing off looking at this year and see...

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I Moved My Website to SiteGround

I Moved My Website to SiteGround

If you asked me last week what I’d be doing this weekend in my spare time, it’d have told you I’d be writing. I’m neck deep writing a new book right now and having a ton of fun. But when my website started burning, I couldn’t ignore it. These past few weeks, Dreamhost...

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