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Software leader with over 20 years of experience and nearly 10 years in management. I’m results driven and have a proven track record of growing teams, maturing processes, and architecting systems to deliver high-quality user experiences at scale.

Work Experience

Credit Karma

Senior Engineering Manager

10/2019 — Present
  • Leads the App Platform Front End organization which includes 20+ engineers, contractors, and managers across 4 teams in 3 locations. The teams own the development and support for all common mobile and web front end frameworks and technologies used by vertical teams at Credit Karma to run their website and mobile applications which serve over 120mm active members.
  • Coach engineering leaders on leadership, time management, prioritization, mentoring, operational excellence, and career development.
  • Grew the App Platform Front End engineering teams from 8 to over 20 engineers.
  • Brainstormed, developed, and released a No Code platform that reduces design to engineering handoff friction and simplifies building high-quality member experiences. A process that previously could take months to release product experiences to our members can now be completed in hours.
  • Managed our Native Applications team responsible for all mobile builds, releases, application architecture, and associated mobile runtime metrics and dashboards for our Android and iOS products.
  • Created a standard process for building and maintaining common UI component libraries on our 4 platforms. This process worked in conjunction with our Design teams and allowed verticals to request new components, changes to existing ones, and also enabled inner source contribution into the shared library while maintaining parity across platforms and accessibility standards.
  • Established and Lead the App Platform UI Component team growing it from 2 to 9 engineers on the Android, iOS, and Web platforms. This team builds and maintains an accessible and themeable component library across 5 platforms along with a common render used to ensure consist member experiences across our products.


Senior Engineering Manager

07/2019 — 10/2019
  • Managed 4 entirely remote teams of 20+ engineers and managers within the Studio Zone working on strategic projects related to DSM, Cloud UI, and Studio Runtime API.

Principle Engineer

07/2018 — 07/2019
  • Worked with multiple entirely remote teams within the Collaboration Zone to optimize existing code, iteratively refactor existing architectures, and implement new strategic projects related to the InVision Commenting, Inspect, and Files products.
  • Worked with the Studio Zone on new strategic projects related to Studio Runtime API and Cloud POCs. These projects served as the baseline for the creation of the Studio Cloud product.


SVP of Client Facing Technology

02/2014 — 06/2018
  • Lead multiple geographically distributed engineering teams to create a best of breed marketing and advertising data analytics and search platform. This included integrating multiple front and backend systems into one simple yet powerful user experience while also creating a blazing fast analytics engine to serve up visualizations and search results in NRT.
  • Created a self-serve data analytics platform that enabled the business and its members to create data visualizations to help them better understand both their own and their competitors marketing spend across a diverse suite of brand and promotion data sets.
  • Responsible for managing budget, recruiting, architecture, and implementation of all client facing applications.

Allston Trading

Technical Lead

04/2012 — 02/2014
  • Lead a team that’s responsible for Data Engineering across the entire firm. This included developing and managing a data cluster used for financial simulations, live & historical market and metadata, databases, and more.

CME Group

Director, Lead Software Architect

05/2010 — 03/2012
  • Architected and implemented a full internationalized Java OSGi based exchange surveillance tool. This tool was developed to allow the exchange to accurately and quickly surveil the state of the market and act on it as necessary. The tool quickly and intelligently handled hundreds of thousands to millions of data points and gave the user tools to quickly visualize, aggregate, and filter down to the information they need.
  • Taught and lead a development team toward following an Agile and TDD development methodology. I regularly lead sprint planning, estimating, daily stand-ups, and retrospectives for the team. We attained an 80% code coverage testing goal with a high degree of cohesiveness, regular design reviews, and constant code reviews.


Founder & Samurai

01/2009 — 10/2017
  • Developed a custom iOS application series for architectural tours called FanGuide. It has a completely custom user interface and was developed against iOS 2 & 3 for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is intended to offer a full multimedia experience including audio, video, images, interactive maps, offline maps, web, and more.
  • Created a reusable architectural CMS & deployment framework to allow multiple applications to be created with arbitrary pluggable content.
  • Closely worked with multiple graphics designers on wireframes, mockups, and POC’s for the application.
  • Designed and implemented the company website.

WideAsleep, LLC

Founder, Software Artist

02/2008 — 12/2010
  • Designed, developed, and released the Fairway Golf iOS application to the iTunes AppStore for the stores initial release. It’s a simple easy to use golf training application for managing your bag, clubs, and swings.
    Designing and developing several iOS and Mac OS applications that are yet to be released.
  • Create the website and all associated content for WideAsleep and it’s products.


10/2009 — 05/2010
  • Created a custom system to aid in automating new and prospective customer to quickly get into existing trading systems. Leveraged C# 3.5, WinForms, WCF, SQL Server, and Oracle.


09/2006 — 05/2008
  • Created a new Wealth Management Investment, Prospecting, Fulfillment, Rebalancing, and Monitoring Platform from scratch in C#. Responsible for initial brainstorming, knowledge gathering, requirements definition, application architecture, and implementation.
  • Worked with the client to drive new programming practices and technologies for C# .NET 2.0 & 3.0.
  • Designed and implemented a new innovative Wealth Management User Interface that challenged the clients traditional approaches. I was the UI development lead responsible for ensuring platform consistency and intuitive design. I worked with the business through various designs and mockups eliciting feedback from all levels of the organization. I was also the lead on implementing and releasing the initial UI of the application into production.

DRW Trading Group

Senior Software Developer

05/2008 — 10/2009
  • Designed and implemented a near real-time (< 100 ms processing) position management system for the front office capable of handling millions of trades per day. This system was also able to be generically queried to generate position data on demand. It was developed entirely in C# .NET 3.5 and used 29 Wests LBM for low latency interprocess communication.
  • Developed a new operations frontend to enable monitoring in near real-time of equity trading. It allowed them to quickly perform arbitrary queries and filters to narrow their view of trades. It also facilitated operations to do full trade lifecycle (create, update, delete) management including capturing and application of corporate actions.
  • Developed several adapters to import external trade and clearing related data into our internal trade store. This was used for position reporting and reconciliation.
  • Developed a tool to allow operations to categorize and tag imported clearing data to assist during trade reconciliation.

Bank of America

VP Software Engineering

08/2002 — 09/2006
  • Redesigned a real-time trading bridge to handle high availability, redundancy, load balancing, increased QoS, and scalability using various distributed computing techniques. Heavy use was made of Reliable Multicast, JCache, J2EE, JMS, CORBA, Concurrent Programming Patterns, and Workflow.
  • Developed a CORBA bridge to facilitate real-time communication between the Objective-C and Java trading engines.
  • Wrote tools to handle near real-time reporting, auditing of load, performance, errors, and more.
  • Managed the team of developers that architected the new trading bridge on time for 15+ releases, provided tools to automate build and deployment, and handled 24/7/365 production support.


Software Architect

04/2001 — 04/2002
  • Managed a team of developers for a major product release of the MindAlign enterprise collaboration software.
  • Functioned as the lead web architect responsible for all web technology decisions.
  • Migrated the system architecture from Java, C, and Perl to a J2EE implementation. The final product was a system that was more scalable, highly available, redundant, and more fault tolerant that our previous architecture.
  • Responsible for the complete development lifecycle of the MindAlign web client. This client intelligently handles rendering for varying browser types, integrates into any J2EE compliant servlet container, can be embedded into any web page, and has API’s that allow it to be easily extended and integrated into other systems.

Senior Software Engineer

04/2000 — 04/2001
  • Participated in 3 point releases with lifecycles that included requirements gathering, development, testing, and optimization.
  • Developed a reusable Perl tagging/template engine for use in the application web site, client, and server configuration. This template engine included support for runtime changes and custom branding in the web tier.
  • Designed and developed an application web site that extends the desktop application to add management and searching features.


Senior Software Engineering

01/2000 — 04/2000
  • Architected and implemented a distributed JDBC redundancy and fail over system in Java.
  • Developed a content management tool in Java and XML that synchronized Dynamo application server content with content in an Oracle database.
  • Worked with a team of developers that designed, developed, and deployed an adventure travel web site.


Web Engineer

01/1999 — 12/1999
  • Developed and supported their offline transaction processing system. This system was used to award points and enroll new members into the MyPoints environment.
  • Proposed and championed standards in documentation and coding guidelines. This included maintaining the internal developer web site and writing specifications and proposals of these standards.


Software Engineering

08/1997 — 12/1998
  • Developed and supported a real time collaboration application in Java. This system was deployed as the enterprise wide standard to over 15,000 users and to several external clients.
  • Deployed the Castanet application distribution and management system globally to 20,000+ users. Facilitated and developed toolkits to be used by other developers. This system deployed 50+ applications to employees and customers.


04/1996 — 08/1996
  • Maintained and created content and applications for several internal departmental web servers. The work on these applications facilitated the funding of the emerging web technologies within the company.
  • Researched and reported on advanced technologies to a technology committee.


University of Michigan

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

1992 — 1997
  • Evans’ Scholarship. Four-year, full tuition and housing scholarship.
  • Active participant in ACM, IEEE, and MiNUG

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