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Dark Nebula: Generations Cover Reveal

In my rapid release schedule for the Dark Nebula series I have an equally rapid release of covers. Two weeks ago I released Discovery and before that Isolation and Contact. Today marks the release of the Dark Nebula: Generations cover. It’s the third book in the series, fourth if you count the FREE novella you’ll receive when you signup for my newsletter.

This cover takes the Olivaw’s to Antartica, back the beginning. My goal with this book was to fill in the blanks. This cover represents both the rising of the humanity and the starkness of their place in the galaxy.

Check it out:

Dark Nebula Generations Cover

It might be obvious to some, but this scene is a bit past sunrise in Antartica. When you’re that far south, daylight is measured in mere hours per day and sometimes that number is zero. That person standing there is staring at the remains of his basecamp and an alien artifact beneath the melted ice. It won’t mean much to you yet, but after you read the first few books it will.

Tom Edwards Design did another amazing job capturing the stark frozen landscape of Antartica. He really brought to life this scene in a vivid full wraparound cover. I can’t wait to share the print copies with you when I get a bit further. Tom also nailed the melt off I was going for, as well. Even the Arctic Cat is perfectly detailed.

If you subscribed to my newsletter we ran a contest to win FREE copies of my released books, either print or ebooks. I’ll be running more of these in the coming months as the books release so head on over and sign up for your chance to win.

I hope you and your families are doing well. Next week I’ll be releasing more of the opening chapters of Dark Nebula: Isolation. We’re only only thirteen days from release!

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