Dark Nebula: Nursery Is Now Available!

Another year and another new book release in the Dark Nebula series! This time around, I have something very special. Today I released the sixth and final book in the series, Nursery.

After starting my outline on December 29th 2022, I started writing the book on January 2nd, 2023. From there, it started an eight-month journey to the release today. In case you’re wondering why I chose to make this the last book in the series, I’ll be posting on that shortly, and I’ll link that posting here. But for now, it’s sufficient to say that the Dark Nebula universe isn’t dead. I am, however, going to give it a pause for a while.

Nursery is an epic sci-fi space opera by every stretch of the imagination. To get an idea of what I mean, take a look at these word counts for the series and this last book:

That’s nearly a quarter of a million words in Nursery alone. If you think about it, that makes this really two books in one.

You might be asking yourself why I wrote so many words in one book. I have a simple three word answer for you: “for the reader”. You see, I evolved my characters in the other Dark Nebula books and made a promise to you that I’d write a good story. As such, I refuse to leave you hanging on any particular story arcs or characters. I also refuse to cut their potential short. I had to give each point of view their time on the page, and trust me when I tell you they get that in spades in Nursery.

This book picks up exactly where Graveyard left off (literally to the scene), and follows the Olivaws and their friends through the epic closing battles with the Galactic Alliance, themselves, and a few others along the way. You get to follow six character arcs in this book with Abigail Olivaw, Bradley Olivaw, Zachary Olivaw, Joyce Green, Lync Michaels, and Ibu taking up the primary points of view. They really do come full circle in this book and close out some pretty epic story lines.

I’ll share more details on the release in a posting soon. But without further ado…

Welcome to Dark Nebula Nursery!

Dark Nebula: Nursery Cover

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