Dark Nebula Is On Sale

To celebrate the release of Dark Nebula: Generations on February 4th, I’ve placed my first two books up for Kindle Countdown deals. What this means is that for a limited time, you can pick up Dark Nebula: Isolation for $0.99 FREE in the US (or £0.99 FREE in the UK) and Dark Nebula: Discovery for $2.99 in the US (or £2.99 in the UK). These deals are available for a limited time and end on or about February 9th in each region.

I don’t plan on making this a normal thing, so grab them while the getting is good.

If you’re not yet into Dark Nebula, here’s the blurb for Generations. Perhaps it’ll hook you.

An alien probe discovered beneath the ice in Antartica holds galactic secrets. A family torn by humanity’s military fixation acts as the guardian of its knowledge until the time is right.

Harold Olivaw narrowly escapes a frigid death in Antartica, only to discover an alien artifact buried beneath the ice for millennia. The path he chooses for the mysterious object changes the course of his family and all life on Earth.

Generations of Olivaw’s struggle to unlock the secrets of the alien probe while keeping its discovery a secret. Their journey strengthens their familial bonds, challenges their beliefs, and exposes humanity’s location within the galaxy.

A century long inquest results in a discovery that could destroy the Galactic Alliance. They thought humans had been dealt with. They were wrong.

Dark Nebula: Generations is the third book in a bold new sci-fi series that jolts you with a shot of technology goodness. It gives you a peek into the Olivaw’s past and explains why their centuries old subterfuge was necessary.

Buy Dark Nebula: Generations and follow the Olivaw’s generational journey to the stars today!

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