Dark Nebula: Isolation Cover Reveal

I’ve been heads down for months preparing for this Dark Nebula: Isolation reveal and the subsequent release of my debut series December 4th. That’s right, a little over a month from today you’ll be able to download my books on Amazon. Everything about this self publishing process has been new to me. To say I’m learning a lot is an understatement. This cover creation process has been no different.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with countless graphics and UI designers. I’ve spent hundreds of hours in design reviews, deep dives on usability, debated about colors, font, etc. This cover was very much like that except one important thing was different. It was me trying to tell the designer what was in my head. Most of those prior cases was me trying to extract the ideas from the source, but this time I was the source. Only I knew what this scene in my book was supposed to feel like. Only I had envisioned this battle in my minds eye, and it was on me to explain it in a way that my designer could translate to a cover.

Well, let’s get to it. Below is the cover of Dark Nebula: Isolation.

Dark Nebula: Isolation Cover

You’re seeing a sequence of events in this cover that are pivotal to human race. In the background there are two alien intercept fighters saying hello with a little blaster massage, attempting to stop the forefront human ship in its tracks. Don’t worry, that droplet ship has some technological tricks up its sleeve. Its simple appearance is deceiving. Oh yea, pay no attention to that alien moon ship in the background. I’m sure they’re not up to no good.

Did I catch your interested yet? Here’s the blurb from Dark Nebula: Isolation to tell you more.

An invading alien force puts humanity on trial. A deadly alien super-virus threatens the first human extrasolar colony. A family secret nearly three centuries old lies at the center.


At the dawn of mankind’s colonization of the stars, it’s threatened by an alien collective known as the Galactic Alliance. They insist humanity has knowingly broken its most sacred law and only one family knows the truth.


As the President of the Confederation of Planetary Explorers, Abigail Olivaw thought she’d be a footnote in a centuries old master plan, until she and her brothers are thrust into defending mankind in a galactic tribunal. With her family worlds away, she enlists the help of her A.I. to turn the tide.


Thrust into a political power struggle while an alien virus threatens to destroy their new home, Major Lync Michaels and Director Joyce Green must choose to defend the colony or answer a call to arms light years away. What they both uncover shakes the very foundation on which the colony was formed.


Can they all mend their fractured pasts to save humanity or are they millennia too late?

If you’re interested in what you see or what you read, you can pre-order Dark Nebula: Isolation on Amazon today and receive the book on December 4th.

Like with the Dark Nebula: Contact cover, Tom Edwards Design did another remarkable job here on Isolation. He was a pleasure to work with and is continuing to work on the Discovery and Generations covers as I write this. If you’d like to read more about those covers before you see it here, you can subscribe to my newsletter. You also get access to my free novella, Dark Nebula: Contact for joining

I hope you enjoyed the cover. I’ll see you next week with either another cover reveal or maybe I’ll write up something about how the release schedule is going. Until then, be safe!

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