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Dark Nebula Is Now Available Everywhere

I’ve been spending all of my free time the past week either writing Beacon, or updating all of my books to prepare to release wide. I’m not going to lie, the latter has taken up more time than the former. If you want to know the details on why I made my decision then read on. If you want to jump to the goodies, scroll down.

A few weeks back I did a poll with my newsletter asking people if they were Amazon readers or preferred to purchase from other eBook stores. Here’s a peek behind the details on what those results looked like.

I asked for my readers to chime in because I’ve been mulling in over being in a single eBook store, limiting my audience, and not having any form of diversification. I also won’t lie, getting recognized in the crowded market of the Zon is hard, especially for a new author. I was hesitant in what it would look like, and then there’s the unknown of dropping KU lurking in the shadows. In the interest of transparency, because I’ve been trying to share on this self-publishing journey, KU made up around 30% of all my revenue these past 2.5 months. So, the gamble I’m making is that I can replace those 30% KU readers with a wider more diverse set of readers in the other 40% of the stores you see represented in my poll above.

Well, after debating and thinking far too much, I decided to make the plunge. I emailed Zon to remove my books from KDP Select, and surprisingly, they did it in under an hour. I then spent the last 36 hours in my free time navigating and figuring out how to upload my books to the different stores. Before Thursday when I started the uploads, I’d been preparing the front and back pages of all my books to make the links work. Turns out stores aren’t fond of having links to their competition in your books. Thanks to Vellum, this was relatively painless.

If you’re on any of the bigger or smaller stores for your eBooks, including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, B&N, Google Play, etc. I should now be available to you. Google Play is taking a tad longer, and I’m still waiting to have the 4 books approved. Apparently, they have a 12 day (yes day) review. But rest assured, they’re coming soon.

To celebrate going wide, I’ve made my initial book, Isolation, $0.99 on all the stores. If you missed the last Amazon sale, then now’s your chance to give it a go on your store of choice. Click on any of these images, and it’ll take you to my sites book pages where you can jump to the big stores or the smaller ones using the “more” button.

Dark Nebula: Isolation Cover
Dark Nebula: Discovery Cover
Dark Nebula Generations Cover
Dark Nebula Beacon Cover

Grab Isolation while it’s hot as I’ll be returning it to its regular price in the near future on all the stores. Also, remember you can subscribe to my newsletter using this link or by scrolling to the bottom of this page (or any page) to get a free novella entitled Contact in the Dark Nebula series.

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